Professional vs. DIY Carpet Cleaning

A clean carpet is a welcoming surface. From the moment your feet hit the ground in the morning to evening movie nights laying on the floor with your family or friends, carpet provides a comfortable, warm and padded surface for any room in your home. A dirty carpet, unfortunately, can become an untidy surface. Find […]

How Can I Maintain My Carpet Over Time?

A quality carpet is an investment. It’s important to put time and effort into your new carpet so it keeps its clean, lush appearance. A high-quality carpet may last up to 25 years, but that is only possible with a solid routine of maintenance.

How Often You Have Carpets Cleaned Fluctuates

When it comes to the cleaning and maintenance of their homes, many people like to establish a definite schedule whether it is for routine chores such as cleaning the bathrooms or seasonal tasks that might include washing windows.

Natural Carpet Shampoo / Homemade Carpet Cleaner

There are a lot of events that can lead to a carpet that needs cleaning.To understand when your carpet needs more heavy-duty cleaning, it is helpful to first know how the layers come into play.