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    Carpet Cleaning Bellevue, TN


    Carpet Cleaning: Why Your Carpets Should Be Cleaned Regularly


    Your carpets work as a filter to trap dirt, dust, dander, allergens, and even skin cells. Sounds pretty disgusting, huh? This is one of the reasons carpet manufacturers recommend we clean our carpets at least every 12-18 months, at a minimum. The longer the wait between cleanings, the more build-up of this disgusting debris. Meanwhile, as we wait to get our carpets cleaned, the more damage to the carpet fibers. As our carpets collect more and more fragments of debris, they begin to work like sandpaper, grinding on the fibers of our carpet, causing premature wearing of our carpets. Vacuuming your carpets, on a regular basis, will help to remove some of the dirt and dust, but a professional carpet cleaner is needed to give your carpets a deep clean and remove the invisible grime and allergens that are hiding deep in the fibers of your carpet.
    Now the question becomes; should I hire a carpet cleaning service or use my own carpet cleaning machine? We can only give you the pros and cons of each and let you make your own decision.


    Loren Mcbride

    The technician- although polite- contacted me an hour after my scheduled appointment, and said they would need to re-schedule. I scheduled a week in advance,... Read More

    January 31, 2019

    Carol Mullins

    J.J was fantastic! He took the time to explain everything to me & what would be involved. He went above & beyond in his service. My carpets look brand... Read More

    February 28, 2019

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    March 05, 2019

    Margaret Marotta

    Great job! Our technician took the time to find the best deal for us. He put in extra effort to find and take care of any pet stains. Very pleased

    September 14, 2018

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    Great service and very helpful. Thanks Shane!

    May 06, 2019

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    “The SAFE and DRY way to clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery!”

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