No home is complete without a rug. Don’t just take our word for it, though. Instead, use the following ten questions as a guide to whether you actually need one. If you answer yes to one or more, then you should consider purchasing a rug in the very near future.

1. Do Your Feet Get Cold?

Each of your feet contains over 7,000 nerve endings. You become aware of them every morning as your feet hit the cold floor. This sensation is not just unpleasant; it also raises your heating bill. If your feet feel cold, then you need a rug to keep them warm.

The fibers of a rug act as insulators that prevent you from touching the heat-sucking concrete or wood of uncovered flooring, lessening the amount of heat lost from your feet. Thus, a rug lowers your heating bill by making your whole body feel warmer.

2. Is Your Home Noisy?

Your home should be a place where you can relax. However, rooms with uncovered floors feel like echo chambers where every little noise is amplified to an uncomfortable level. If the volume of your home puts you on edge, then you need a rug to dampen the sound.

Sound is made of waves that travel through air and strike your eardrums. When they first hit the hard surface of bare walls and floors, they ricochet, causing everything to seem louder. A rug traps sounds and converts some of the wave energy to heat, softening the noise before it hits your ears.

3. Are You Breeding Dust Bunnies?

Every speck of dirt on a wood floor is obvious, out there for the whole world to see. Unless you sweep and mop every inch on a daily basis, the dust accumulates beneath the furniture. If the dust bunnies outnumber the people in your home, you need a rug to chase them away.

When you sweep a bare floor, you are just swirling the pet dander and skin cells that make up house dust into the air. Once settled, they simply clump together. With a rug, you can easily vacuum the bunnies away for good.

4. Are Your Floors Less Than Perfect?

No one can afford to install new flooring every time something gets spilled or a board becomes warped. If you are running out of ways to rearrange the furniture to hide cracks and blemishes, you need a rug to hide them more effectively.

Rugs are the perfect camouflage for imperfections. Instead of dragging the couch into an awkward position in the center of the room, simply lay down an attractive rug over any spot you don’t want to be seen. If the entire floor is ugly, use more rugs to cover a larger space.

5. Did You Recently Invest in New Flooring?

Maybe you are hesitant to purchase a rug because your new floors look great the way they are. If you recently put down new flooring, however, then you need a rug to protect it, no matter how much you want to show it off.

Whether hardwood or laminate, wooden flooring is costly. Laminate can last as little as 10 years if you don’t take care of it properly. Hardwood is more durable, but is easy to scratch. By scattering rugs throughout your home, you can enjoy your new flooring while protecting it at the same time.

6. Are Some Rooms in Your House Too Dark?

Poorly lit rooms make people feel depressed. While lack of windows may be the primary culprit, furnishings and accessories can also be to blame. If no one wants to go in certain rooms because they feel too gloomy, you need a rug to brighten things up.

Objects absorb some wavelengths of light and reflect others. When everything in a room gives off only dark wavelengths, the ambiance has a negative effect on our mood. Especially in rooms with low light, a brightly colored rug makes a huge difference.

7. Do You Ever Have Visitors? 

When visitors ring your doorbell, what do they see? Without an express welcome, their first impression may be that you are unfriendly. Even if you rarely entertain guests, it pays to be cordial to delivery personnel. If anyone at all comes to your house, you need a welcome mat on your porch.

The use of colorful mosaics to cover entranceways dates back to ancient Rome. A rug sets the tone for whether a person feels welcome or not; it also provides a place for guests to wipe their feet before entering, minimizing the amount of mud tracked indoors.

8. Is Your Floor Slippery?

Slip-and-falls are one of the most common types of indoor injuries. Even if you are willing to take the risk yourself, consider the liability of guests falling. If your floors present a safety hazard, you need a rug to protect yourself and others from injury.

Friction is the force of resistance that an object encounters when moving across a surface, and the bottom of a person’s shoe creates very little on a glassy floor. Not only does a rug create friction to prevent falls, it also cushions landings should people lose their balance for other reasons.

9. Are You Bored With Your Décor?

While there is something to be said for the familiarity of home, keeping the same decorations year after year creates a dull environment. If you want to redesign a room without spending a lot of money, you need a new rug to jazz things up.

Besides the color of the walls, nothing has as dramatic of an effect on a room’s appearance as an eye-catching rug in the middle of the floor. Once you have established this focal point, it is easy to add a few additional pieces to transform the room’s vibe.

10. Do Your Legs Hurt?

Nurses and other professionals can attest to the fact that standing for long periods is tough on the legs. Prolonged exposure to hard floors causes fatigue, cramping, and even varicose veins. If your legs feel achy and restless at night, you need a padded rug to stand on during the day.

Hard floors don’t allow your feet to fully flex, causing deoxygenated blood to pool in your veins instead of being pushed back to your heart. A cushiony rug under foot absorbs shock and allows more natural movement, keeping your feet, legs, and back healthy and pain-free.

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