What’s not to love about Canton, GA?

We are glad that we are able to service the city of Canton, with its charm and inviting community. Safe-Dry® of Canton carpet cleaning offers residents carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning along with a guaranteed pet urine odor removal. We take pride in providing the best carpet cleaning service to the city of Canton and all surrounding areas.

Safe-Dry® provides all-natural cleaning services for homes and businesses. We specialize in using only nontoxic, chemical and detergent free cleaning solutions. Our green products are applied using a dry cleaning process, which means that your surfaces are dry within one hour.

Schedule carpet cleaning online and one of our highly trained technicians will come to your home and review the work. We will provide a free estimate for services. Safe-Dry® of Canton can provide same day cleaning. Safe-Dry® is the best carpet cleaner in Canton for families with pets and children. We provide the safest cleaning that is dry within one hour. It’s time to live cleaner!

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Adan O.

Adan O.

Move out whole house cleaning for rental agreement

Near Joseph St, Canton, GA 30115
Adan O.

Adan O.

Move out whole house cleaning for rental agreement

Near Joseph St, Canton, GA 30115

Carpet Cleaners in Canton, GA

#1: It’s Safe:

For the health and benefit of your family, Safe-Dry® carpet cleaning of Canton uses organic solutions that are free of soaps and harsh detergents. Harmful chemicals are never a good idea inside your home. Our products are eco-friendly and hypoallergenic. If you or any of your family members have allergies or asthma, this cleaning is the best carpet cleaning for their health and well-being.

#2: Dry time:

Our process dries in 30 minutes to an hour. This convenience is why our customers return time and time again. With us, getting your carpets cleaned doesn’t mean you have to stay off your carpets for days, endure wet socks or smell musty smells while the carpets and padding are steadily creating mold or mildew. Saturating your carpets with soap and water does not mean you are getting a better cleaning.

#3: The best pet odor removal:

Safe-Dry® carpet cleaning of Canton can remove your pet urine odor and it will not return, guaranteed! We never mask the odor: we eliminate it. If you have tried every product that is offered over the counter, it may be time to give us a call. Most products work to mask the odor, rather than getting to the root of the problem. With these products your odors will return within just a few short days, leaving you with the same problem you had. It’s the bacteria and protein in the urine that is causing the odors. Our solutions work to break down the bacteria and proteins that are causing the odors and to get rid of them permanently. There is no need to spend money on all of those in-store products, just call us once and the problem is fixed, guaranteed!

#4: Qualified, knowledgeable and caring technicians:

We strive to employ the best of the best when it comes to our techs. When an employee is happy where they work, it shines through in the work they do! Each technician wants to provide our customers with the best possible job, understanding that customer satisfaction is our main priority. If you don’t find that our technicians provide you with the best experience in carpet cleaning that you have ever had, please make us aware so we can right that wrong!

#5: Exact appointment times:

Safe-Dry® carpet cleaning of Canton cares about you and your time! We do not schedule “window appointments” and if we are even 15 minutes late we call to notify you of the delay. Whether you work, have an important meeting or just have a playdate with your kids, your time is of utmost importance and we understand that. Our exact appointment time scheduling is one of the many things that sets us apart from other carpet cleaning services!

The Best Area Rug Cleaning in Canton, Georgia

We offer a convenient and free rug pick-up and delivery of your Oriental or area rugs. You may choose to have them cleaned at your home, and that’s fine too! We use a non-toxic and gentle method of cleaning rugs and restoring them to their natural beauty.

Safe-Dry® can clean all types of rugs, from cotton, silk, wool, handmade or machine made. We take pride in the cleaning we do for our customers. Our safe process and detail-oriented technician will leave your rugs looking new again!

Find a Professional Upholstery Cleaner in Canton, Georgia

Some of our customers didn’t realize we clean upholstery, but we do! From sofas, chairs, outdoor furniture, and even mattresses and headboards: if it’s fabric, we can clean it. You may not realize that having your furniture cleaned on a regular basis is necessary.

Just as our carpets work as a filter to trap dirt, dust and dander, so does our upholstery. Darker fabrics can be misleading because they may not look dirty, but they are hiding allergens, including the oils from our skin and skin flakes. Over time the build-up of these particles can play a part in allergic reactions, asthma and other health problems. Vacuuming can help reduce these allergens.

At least every 12-18 months, you should have your fabrics professionally cleaned. When you have decided it’s time to have your upholstery cleaned, call the professionals at Safe-Dry® carpet cleaning of Canton and Live Cleaner.

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Canton

We love Canton, Georgia, and we hope you will love our carpet cleaning!

Safe-Dry® also offers specialty services, which include:

  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Allergen treatment
  • Oriental and area rug cleaning
  • Stain shield protectant
  • Pet odor and stain removal
  • Water damage

All of our services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We want you to be able to recommend us to your friends and family. If you can’t do this, we didn’t do something right! We just ask that you call us and give us the opportunity to right the wrong!

When you call us, you are calling a professional carpet cleaning company with the know-how and willingness to provide the best carpet cleaning that this industry has to offer!

Safe-Dry® is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute.