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Need your carpet cleaned Annual cleanings greatly improve the lifetime of your carpet by removing dust, allergens, stains, and odors Restore your carpets with our local Safe-Dry® team leading the way We use safe, effective methods to provide you with the clean carpet you deserve! Your local team at Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning Forest Acres SC is eager to help!

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Cecelia Powell

Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Forest Acres, SC

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Carpet Cleaning Services in Forest Acres, SC

All-Natural Carpet Cleaning

Steam cleaning leaves carpet damp for long periods, opening the door for mold and mildew to settle in. The Safe Dry method is low moisture, allowing for your carpet to dry in as little as an hour! Our technicians use a hot carbonating extraction method which creates microscopic bubbles which loosen dirt, dust, and hidden debris resulting in a much deeper clean.

Meticulous Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Services

Your meticulously weaved rugs were made with care, so they need equal care when cleaned. Because your rug is unique, we diligently inspect the dyes and weaves to ensure the most nondestructive service possible. Our Safe Dry team at Forest Acres SC will employ only the safest methods for your rug’s unique condition. Regardless of condition, your rug shouldn’t be neglected. Huge amounts of dust abrasives can accumulate before you can see it. Those same abrasives accelerate the deterioration of the fibers and weaves. Don’t wait to get yours serviced!

Quick and Easy Upholstery Cleaning Services

Left uncleaned, anything will accumulate a plethora of unsavory things. Dust, for example, contains dander, bacteria, and skin flakes. Left unchecked, they remain embedded in your upholstery’s soft surface and cause odor, stains, and other unwanted effects. While vacuuming can help, it cannot remove all detritus. That’s why experts recommend cleaning at least every 12-18 months. This is especially true for sensitive groups such as asthmatics. Schedule with your local Safe Dry team for an assessment and free quote so we can render the best service!

Allergies or Asthma Treatment

At Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning Forest Acres SC, we are dedicated to all-natural, eco-friendly, dye-free solutions and perfumes. Rooms cleaned of dust, pollen, pet dander, pollutants, etc. using the Safe-Dry® Anti-Allergen System see results within the first three days, often that same night!

Pet Urine Odor Removal Services

We all love our pets, but accidents happen and when they do, you need the odor and bacteria gone. Specifically formulated to break down odor at its source, Safe Dry brings a healthy clean back home. Learn more here.

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Schedule a service today and enjoy clean indoor air tonight! Our Safe Dry Carpet Cleaning team in Forest Acres SC is only a call away!