Do you have dirty carpets, rugs, or upholstery? Have you noticed an increase in your allergies lately and aren’t sure what’s causing it? Is your furry friend creating a mess due to shedding? Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning in Clarksville, TN, you’re getting a licensed and bonded company that stands by their work. We ensure your satisfaction by offering a money-back guarantee!

Let’s look at some of the reasons you need Safe-Dry® professional carpet cleaning in Clarksville, TN.

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Why Work With Carpet Cleaners in Clarksville, TN?

Help With Allergies

When most people think of allergy problems, they think of the air outside of their home. What you may not realize is that the air inside of your home may actually have more pollutants in it! One of the main reasons for this is dirty carpet.

Everytime you (or your pets if you have them) enter your home, you bring things from the outside with you. Your clothes and shoes carry pollen and other particulates from the outside. Your shoes track in dirt, mud, pet hair, and pet dander. You bring in germs and bacteria from the outside as well. A lot of the things you bring in end up in your carpet.

It’s important to have your carpets cleaned regularly to get rid of the outdoor allergens that have found their way into your home. Otherwise, you’re breathing all of these things into your lungs and hurting your indoor air quality! Hiring a carpet cleaning company in Clarksville can not only make your home look nice, but it can be good for your health as well!

Safe For Your Family And Wallet

Getting new carpet costs a lot of money. By getting regular cleanings, you’ll extend the life of carpet, rugs, and upholstery, helping you avoid the cost of replacement.

Our all-natural cleaning process doesn’t introduce any volatile chemicals onto the fabric either, so you don’t have to worry about us damaging your carpet. Never hire a company that’s going to bring harsh chemicals with weird names into your home. We only use safe, organic, and green solutions whether it’s for rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, or carpet cleaning.

Our carbonation process uses effervescent bubbles that go deep into your carpet and lift the dirt out. Since we don’t use soaps or other chemicals, your carpet won’t have a sticky residue, meaning that they stay cleaner for longer. This method also won’t re-attract dirt, so unlike some companies, you won’t have to worry about your carpets looking dirty a few days after getting them cleaned.

Unlike some other companies, we also make sure that our employees are uniformed so that you can identify them right away. Many criminals will claim to be home carpet cleaners to gain access to your home. With Safe-Dry®, you’ll know right away that you’re letting professional carpet cleaners into your home.

We have a simple rule: if we wouldn’t want something where our kids play and pets sleep, we aren’t going to use it in your home. Our professional home carpet cleaners in Clarksville take their responsibility to your home seriously.

We Respect Your Time And Home

We understand that no one wants to spend their time at home waiting for the carpet to dry. We wouldn’t want to wait all day to walk on our floor, so we don’t expect you to either. Our process has a dry time of one hour or less.

We also believe in treating your home like our own. Our local carpet cleaners will never leave you with a mess to clean up. Part of our money back guarantee is that if we have to come back to your home to make it right, we will.

If you need carpet cleaning service, we will come to your home and offer you an immediate estimate. We can also offer same-day cleanings in Clarksville. Give us a call today and we’ll figure out the best time and day to meet your needs.


We believe in the same values that make Clarksville a great place to live: community, hard work, and personal responsibility. That’s why it’s our commitment to always get the job done right the first time.

We’re able to offer a guarantee on our service because we have over 30 years of experience offering the best carpet cleaning service. We’ve seen every type of situation and can handle any cleaning job, no matter how big or small it is. There’s no job that we aren’t prepared to handle!

Improved Home Value

Clarksville is a growing city, meaning that property values will continue to rise over the next few years. If you’re a homeowner in the city that’s thinking of selling your property, you want to put your best foot forward when potential buyers come over.

One of the first things that people will notice is dirty carpet. No one wants to buy a house when they might have to turn around and get new carpet. When you hire us, we’ll make sure that your home is in selling condition.

If you have a rental home, or you have your house listed on AirBnB, clean carpets is a necessity. Clean carpets show that you care about your property. If a potential renter comes over and they see dirty carpets, they might assume that the rest of your home hasn’t been well-maintained. It will take longer to rent your home, causing you to lose money!

If you are a renter that’s moving out, our professional carpet cleaners in Clarksville can clean the carpets in your home to help make sure you get your deposit back. It will be one less thing you have to worry about when moving. Either way, homes are better after a visit from Safe-Dry®!

Specialized Carpet Cleaning Services

We offer a wide range of services for your home, including:

  • Hypo-allergenic carpet cleaning
  • Oriental and area rug cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Pet stains and odor removal
  • Indoor allergy treatment

Each of these services include our satisfaction guarantee.

If you need carpet cleaning in Clarksville, TN, call the company that won’t bring chemicals into your home and that will deliver lasting results. Contact us today and we’ll schedule an exact time for someone to come to your home.

You can also get instant pricing on our website, along with coupons and more. Remember, we guarantee your satisfaction! Schedule carpet cleaning online today!

Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Clarksville services the following zip codes:

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  • 37043
  • 42223
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