Safe-Dry® is a professional carpet cleaning that provides the best in green cleaning for your home. We are the best carpet cleaner if you are looking for hypoallergenic, chemical-free cleaning that will effectively remove stains and odors.

Our process uses intensive abrasion and professional-strength carpet cleaning vacuums and tools. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Safe-Dry® cleans carpet, rugs and upholstery.

Safe-Dry® of Tiftonia, Tennessee, provides a full range of all-natural services for your home, including:

  • Pet odor removal
  • Professional upholstery cleaning
  • Area and Oriental rug cleaning
  • Stain removal
  • Hypoallergenic treatment

Our carpet cleaning solution is chemical-free, dye-free and scent-free. We only use certified eco-friendly products. Our process and product is the safest option for your pets and children.

Our innovative technique utilizes dry-cleaning, which is a modern alternative to steam cleaning and ensures that your carpet will be dry within one hour.

Schedule carpet cleaning online. One of our professional carpet cleaners will come to your home at the scheduled time (no windows or waiting!) and provide a free estimate for cleaning. Safe-Dry® of Tiftonia offers same-day cleaning.

Carpet Cleaners in Tiftonia, TN

Professional carpet cleaners use a variety of questionable products to deep-clean homes. We believe in being absolutely transparent about the ingredients we use. Our process ensures that no hazardous chemicals or fumes are released into your home. We use non-toxic products that have no side-effects or irritants.

We are also transparent about our effective process:

  1. Our technicians will move your furniture

  2. Your carpet is vacuumed using a professional-strength vacuum cleaner

  3. Our carpet cleaning solution will pre-treat stained areas

  4. Our patented HypoClean solution soaks into the fibers of your carpet and uses carbonation to lift stains and ground-in elements to the surface, where they are removed using a high RPM floor machine

  5. The floor machine extracts dirt and moisture, leaving your carpet almost dry after cleaning

  6. Our technicians will then groom your carpet pile

This dry-cleaning process ensures that dangerous amounts of moisture – released by traditional steam-cleaning – don’t seep into your carpet pad where they can breed mold and mildew.

Safe-Dry® is the best choice for families and homes.

Best Carpet Cleaner in Tiftonia, Tennessee

We often say, leave it to the professionals: Safe-Dry® knows how to clean carpet! Home carpet shampooers or carpet cleaners use detergents and can often leave a layer of film that attracts dirt. Stains may reappear and inconsistent abrasion may permanently damage your carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaning is the best way to maintain a healthy home.

Many of our clients utilize our services annually to keep their home up-to-date and guarantee the wellness of family members who suffer from allergens or other irritations. These become ground into carpet as dust mites, dander and bacteria are tracked into the home. The best home carpet cleaner can effectively remove these and keep your carpet, upholstery and air fresh and clean.

Safe-Dry® services include:

  • Revolutionary Cleaning Process
  • Guaranteed Pet Odor Removal
  • Professional Technicians
  • No Hidden Charges
  • Exact Appointment Times
  • Effective Stain Removal
  • 60 Minute Dry Time

Professional Carpet Cleaning in Tiftonia, Tennessee

Professional carpet cleaning is not the only service we offer. Safe-Dry® of Tiftonia also professionally cleans upholstery and area rugs.

Professional Area and Oriental Rug Cleaning

Area and Oriental rugs often are a significant investment or family heirloom. High-quality rugs are often made with natural fibers that require professional treatment and care. Wool, silk and even synthetics may be specially knotted or otherwise hand-made. All of these factors require specialized attention to regularly clean.

Safe-Dry® carpet cleaning technicians are trained in cleaning area and Oriental rugs. Here is an example of our process:

  1. We begin by using a professional grade vacuum to remove dirt and dust.

  2. We will examine problem areas and determine the best treatment options for stains.

  3. Using all-natural solution, we will flush and extract stains.

  4. The front and back of the rug is soaked and deep-cleaned.

  5. We use a professional grade abrasion machine to scrub the rug.

  6. The rug is professionally groomed and dried.

Area and Oriental rugs may be cleaned in your home or taken to an off-site location if they require multiple treatments.

Pet Odor and Stain Removal

Pet odors and stains are often related to fluids that are full of bacteria. Many carpet cleaning options allow you to spot-treat areas of a carpet where an accident happened. These solutions are often full of chemicals or ineffective. Either way, this is only a temporary treatment. The bacteria and fluid residue become ground into your carpet and upholstery, causing a recurring stain and odor.

The Safe-Dry® process for pet odor and stain removal doesn’t mask the smell: we remove it entirely. By using a green, pet-safe solution, we can target and treat each stain. Our tools use abrasion and extraction to permanently remove the source of the problem. We are so confident that we use the most effective method available that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee for this service.

Schedule carpet cleaning online and learn more about how your home can get clean the Safe-Dry® way.

Safe-Dry® is approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute.