The more we learn about the nature of hazardous chemicals in the home, the more conscientious we are becoming as consumers. This extends to specialty services like carpet cleaning. It isn’t enough anymore to use harsh chemicals, detergents or soaps “once in a while.” Many of us recognize the need to eliminate toxic chemicals from our home environment completely. Whether you have children, pets, specific health issues, or are just looking to live cleaner, Safe-Dry® carpet cleaning can help you.

Green Carpet Cleaning: The Chemical-Free Alternative

Safe-Dry® offers all-natural carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning. We use certified eco-friendly products that are derived from plants. If you are looking at natural cleaning products or looking to hire a specialty cleaning company, here are some of the buzzwords you should be on the lookout for:

Hypoallergenic Carpet Cleaning

Hypoallergenic, in a description of a cleaning product, means that ingredients or elements that trigger allergic reactions have been left out or removed. A common way that cleaning fluids are made uses enzymes to breakdown soiling or bacteria. Sometimes, people will have allergic reactions to those enzymes. It is essential to understand that hypoallergenic is an essential criterion for cleaning solutions as a way of reducing allergic symptoms, but it is not the only necessary component to look for.

Non-Toxic Carpet Cleaning

Non-toxic cleaning products are not harmful or poisonous. Side effects of cleaning chemicals that contain toxins can be as severe as hormone disruption or cancer. The categorization of a cleaning product as being non-toxic means that potentially dangerous toxins have been removed. Some toxic ingredients that should not be in your cleaning products are phthalates, triclosan, PERC, ammonia, chlorine, or sodium hydroxide. These are often hidden in the ingredient list of cleaners and can compromise your family’s health.

Dye-free Carpet Cleaning

Dyes are typically chemicals and are unnecessary in cleaning products. Safe-Dry® specializes in Oriental and area rug cleaning. These items can be costly and damaged by the colors in cleaners. In addition to visual or material damage, stains can cause the surface of textiles to attract mildew growth. Contamination by microbes can happen under the surface of your carpet, rugs or upholstery and cause severe damage to the item as well as the safety or your family. Dyes are also typically an indication that a cleaning product has additional chemicals and should not be touched or inhaled.

Perfume Free Carpet Cleaning

Perfumes are a frequent irritant and allergen for many people. Safe-Dry® specializes in guaranteed pet odor and stain removal without the use of perfumes. This means that we deep clean the surfaces in your home without masking the odor. Synthetic fragrances are usually chemicals. These chemical compounds may smell pleasant but can trigger asthma, breathing issues, dermatitis, headaches, and stomach problems in infants. Perfume-free carpet cleaning means that your home is fresh but not scented with dangerous or hazardous chemicals.

No Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs, have been marked as a hazard by the Environment Protection Agency (EPA). The EPA explains that VOCs can come from liquids like cleaning chemicals. Released into the air, these can cause serious health complications, including nose and throat irritation, headaches, nausea, liver damage, and damage to the central nervous system. You should read all labels carefully and not hire any special cleaning services that use these dangerous products in your home.

Cleaners With No Phosphates

Phosphates have been linked to conditions like kidney damage. Phosphate additives can be present in cleaning products and certain kinds of food. Phosphates are present in many commercial cleaning products. They are dangerous to the human body and also as contaminants and pollutants as they don’t breakdown in water. These can lead to additional health issues.

Safe-Dry® Green Carpet Cleaners

Safe-Dry® is proud of our commitment to customer safety. We have been in business for 30 years. Our carpet, rug, and upholstery cleaning services are safe for your family, children, and pets. We only use the highest quality products and the most efficient and effective processes. Our dry cleaning technique means that your carpet will be dry within one hour of cleaning.

Schedule an appointment for a free estimate. One of our qualified carpet cleaning technicians will come to your home free of charge at a scheduled time. Our team members can provide you with a free quote for services and can usually perform same day cleaning. You will be amazed at how your carpet, rugs, and upholstery are restored to like-new condition without the use of any dangerous chemicals. It’s time to live cleaner.