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  • “The SAFE and DRY way

    to clean carpets, rugs, and upholstery!”

  • When it comes to the best upholstery cleaning, Safe-Dry® is the number one choice of consumers. Our chemical-free cleaning gets deep into the fibers to remove dirt and stains and is dry within an hour so that you can resume normal activities, without any unnecessary inconvenience.

    We specialize in cleaning all the furniture, even the most delicate of fabrics! Using an environmentally friendly, revolutionary cleaning solution, you can have the peace of mind knowing; you have made a wise choice. You can expect to be amazed at how clean your upholstery is and how quickly it dried! The best part is, we do not use harsh soaps and detergents, so your furniture will stay fresh longer!

    Upholstered furniture should be cleaned every 12-18 months. Your furniture may not look dirty, but what’s lurking beneath the surface can be scary. Skin flakes, oils from skin, dirt, and dust, and allergens can collect either on or below the surface of the fabric, which can cause an unhealthy environment for you and your family.

    Safe-Dry® is the best furniture cleaning service because we offer a Safe and Dry way to clean your upholstery! Use our instant pricing and schedule an exact appointment time online today, or call one of our local offices for more information on our upholstery cleaning or any of our many other services.

    3 Rooms Now Only $88


    • Safety Shield Protectant
    • Pet Odor/Stain Removal
    • Allergen Treatment
    • Antibacterial Sanitizer
    • Problem Stain Removal

    3 Rooms Cleaned Now Only $88.00

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