If you have an old rug that has lost its brightness, you need to decide whether to replace it or clean it. Aside from losing its original beauty, a rug can also have damage and other issues that are good reasons to purchase a new one. If you see a buildup of dust, dirt and hair these are clear signs it is breaking down and may not be healthy to have inside your home. At this point, the reason to throw the old one out is more than just an aesthetic decision, it is also a good choice for your environment. Let’s review some important issues that rugs encounter as they age and what to consider about replacement.

Wear Spots

Heavy traffic can take a toll on a rug over the years. The fibers can withstand a lot of pressure and movement but eventually there is degradation. Here are some important ways to extend the life of your rug:

  • Make sure to vacuum or shake out regularly
  • Limit exposure to direct sunlight
  • Fix frays and loose fringes
  • Take care when moving heavy furniture

These maintenance routines will help keep your rug looking good for many years. When deep wear and tear occurs, cleaning may help restore the pile for the short term.

Tough Stains

Stains are stubborn problems on all rugs. It can be difficult to remove them without doing damage to the materials. The key to removing spots is to clean them thoroughly as soon as possible before the discoloration is permanent.

It is also important to have a professional cleaning at least once per year. This will ensure that all of the excess dirt and debris are removed, and technicians have the proper tools to work on problem areas. A newer rug is more stain resistant but protection decreases with time.

Strong Odors

One of the most repelling parts of old rugs is the odors they emit. Unfortunately, they are not impervious to years of spills and cleanups that leave behind pungent smells. This is especially true if people own pets that urinate on the material leaving it saturated and uncleanable.

If you have strong odors emanating from a rug, try having it cleaned to see if the situation improves. However, in most cases after a number of years, the best plan is to replace it for health purposes and livability.

Water Damages

Rugs that are exposed to years of humidity or water emergencies often present serious health problems. Mold and mildew form in the right conditions and depending on the extent of fungi growth disposal is likely necessary.  

Moisture does serious damage to a rug. It can delaminate the backing and cause it to wrinkle and buckle. If the material is not carefully dried out, a lingering musty smell often remains, and bacteria can permeate the fabric.

Deterioration Issues

The advanced age of a rug is the most important reason to discard it because there are too many problems that cleaning and repairing will not cover. Over time, the color fades and the luster goes away. You may also notice threadbare spots, rips and tears or matted and crushed fibers. When these issues are no longer repairable or treatable by professional cleaners, it is time to say goodbye.

Health Symptoms

When rugs are soiled, they invite the growth of unhealthy bacteria and organisms. For people with pre-existing health conditions, this an understandable worry. Here are three problems that occur when it is impossible to keep area rugs clean:

  1. Allergy flare-ups
  2. Respiratory issues
  3. Skin conditions

For people with asthma or other inflammatory diseases, dirty rugs are too serious to ignore. Also, the use of home-cleaning products can add to an already risky situation.

Bug Problems

It is unsettling to think about bugs in your home. Yet they are attracted to your rugs, especially the lush pile that provides the perfect place to hide and reproduce. These bugs are quite willing to take up residence in dirty or worn materials:

  • Dust mites
  • Silverfish
  • Bed bugs
  • Book lice
  • Carpet beetles

If you encounter unwanted pests in your living space, make sure you do not have an infestation and do what you need to eradicate them.

Replacement Considerations 

Sometimes the damage that happens to a rug over the years becomes too difficult to cover up. After a certain period of time, you can no longer place items over the top of worn spots or remove all of the stains. You do not want to keep rugs that are unsightly and detract from the beauty of your home.

Basic area or designer rugs are plentiful, and you can shop in stores or online to find something that works in your space. They transform the appearance of a room and make it feel fresh and clean.  

Sale Preparations

An essential reason to replace your rugs is the sale of your home. Homeowners should consider these important factors when making a purchase:

  • Size: Find a size that is proportional to the room and your furniture. Make certain the rug will hold up if you place it in a heavy foot-traffic area.
  • Color and pattern: Choose a rug that suits your style. This is a piece of art in your home so be selective. Remember that soiling and staining are facts of life when you choose a color scheme.
  • Maintenance: Specific fabrics require different types of care. While medium or high pile rugs can be vacuumed, a low pile may need to be shaken and left outdoors to air out. Keep all of the cleaning tags after making a purchase.

It is a good idea to check out the maintenance required beforehand. New rugs will give you an advantage in a competitive market, and they are easy to have professionally cleaned as you await a sale.

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